What Majors Does Xihua University Offer?

Access to Xihua University, Chengdu, China is a complete school has formed an academic connotative expansion of the type-oriented across various disciplines. Ranging from engineering and technology to humanities and social sciences, Xihua University provides a wide variety of majors aimed at fostering success in the global marketplace.

Engineering and Technology

Xihua university is also a place where engineering disciplines are very good. It has a vast range of engineering majors available, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Civil Engineering for example. They are meant to impart a mix of bookish knowledge, along with real-world practical experience so that students can better approach the actual problems in their line work.

Information Technology is also a major discipline at Xihua, featuring specifically in Computer Science and Engineering, Software System Designing & Network. This is designed to cultivate a specialization in building software, managing data and cybersecurity (which are all requiring components of the industry right now).

Business and Economics

At Xihua Business, as one of the most-ideai professional department with complete programs in Economics, Buxiness Administration and lntemational Trade. These fields are clearly intended for those who wish to forge a future in global business, and want an extensive comprehension of the workings in international commercial trade.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Xihua also provide a major of Chinese Language and Literature, History, Sociology for those who are interested in liberal arts. These programs aim to enhance the historical, cultural and social competencies of students that will enable them to make unique contributions both in scholarly circles as well public conversations.


Xihua has the Majors of Chemistry, Physics and Biological Sciences in its Science departments. Both programs are backed by state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a solid research consortium that encourages scientific investigation & innovation.

Health Sciences

Understanding the need for healthcare, Xihua has good programs in Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health. Each of these degrees is important in getting students ready to work with the broader community and more hands-on, from practical skills performance to professional standards.

Art and Design

For students who enjoy Art and Design, they can embark on majors in art & design that feature both visual arts programs, graphic designs besides multimedia classes. They blend the fundamental principles of art with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that graduates are well-known in various creative domains.

Self-designed Programs & Cross-disciplinary study

Xihua University also provides creative multidisciplinary programs, crossing the walls of traditional academic fields like Environmental Science and New Energy Science and Engineering. This suite of new majors is meant to tackle worldwide issues, and train students for upcoming industry trends as well as academics.

Your Journey Through Xihua

At Xihua University, the choice of a major opens you up to possibilities. Our programs have been created to foster a rewarding experience for programmes are tailored such that students benefit from enhanced learning opportunities and follow an innovative curriculum which can serves as the building blocks of subsequent careers.

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